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Need To Read old Computer Tapes? I have been reading computer tape since 1992, and have read and converted over 60,000 tapes.

If you need to restore data from most older types of tapes like QIC, 4MM, 8MM, Mammoth, 9 Track (1/2" round tapes), 3480, 3490E, DLT and LTO and write the contents to your FTP site, USB Stick, USB Hard disk or CD/DVD disk(s), we can do that.



We can read  both IBM standard labeled and unlabeled tapes of all types.  We can catalog and restore files from BACKUP EXEC, NTBACKUP and many other  tape formats.

If you have older VAX VMS tapes in assorted VAX "VMS-BACKUP" formats, or other VAX backup formats, We can read and restore your tapes. This inclues may DEC tapes of that time frame.

Over the years, I have read over 7,500 UNIX 'tar' and 'cpio' tapes for a variety of  applications including; Engineering, Medical, and Government. Most all of these data sets were destined for PC use. We can un-compress tarballs and 'gz' data sets.

We have read thousands of old TK50, TK70, TK86 and TZ87 densities and other tapes in VAX VMS-BACKUP Format, we can read them, even if they are "sticky".

Need Data Conversion? Need to migrate data to your PC , MAC , Linux or UNIX System? We support the conversion of a wide variety of data formats from many sources. Some are SSA and IRS tapes, Phone usage tapes from ATT, Sprint and Verizon. We can convert Binary, HEX and floating point conversions in 16, 32 and 64 bit format.

If are getting an ADP QUITTER ASCII files (or EBCDIC tape) , we can convert the QUITTER  payroll files to several MS EXCEL 'CSV' files for your conversion.

I support the conversion of data stored in IBM Cobol PIC format like PIC-X(n), PIC-9(n), PIC- S9(m)V(n), COMP-3 and PIC-9(n) COMP 3.

Pricing Our pricing is reasonable and our turn around good.  For a quote call 817-243-5523 or
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Some of our Clients Accenture  -  Apache Corporation  -  Arthur Anderson  -  Bonneville Power Company   -  BP/Amoco
Centex  -  Delottie & Touche  -  EQUIFAX  -  Galosi   -  General Dynamics   -  Gerber Scientific
Grace Davidson Chemical Co   -  FBI   -  Halliburton   -  HESS Company   -  Johnson Matthey Inc.
Kerr McGee Corporation   -  Land O'Lakes Inc   - Lockheed Martin Systems  -  McGraw Group
National Archives  -  NIS   -  ProPay LLC   -  Raytheon Systems   -  Sagent Technologies
 Schlumber Well Services   -  SMTEK Inc.  -  UNOCAL Corporation   -   UPS   -  US District Courts
 Washington Mutual Bank  -  The White House   -  World Wide Flight Services
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